d!ng studio

D!NG started out as and still is an online art magazine by Jolien Dirix. D!NG focuses on young multidisciplinary artists who are at the beginning of their artistic ambition. Next to publishing young upcoming artists D!NG also organizes exhibitions and art events to give these artists the chance to voice and exhibit their own thing. But D!NG grew into much more. Now it is also a creative design studio focussing on branding, graphic and concept design.

The word ‘ding’ can literally be translated into English as ‘thing’. But it can also be translated as ‘a substance of things’. Mostly ‘ding’ refers to a specific object, however ‘ding’ can also refer to the unknown - a thing, nothing, something…

We love to play around with visual identity, creative problem solving and intuitive strategic solutions.
Current team: Jolien Dirix, Astrid van Gilse



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